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Today’s Metronet Deals

Home Phone Special! – Add Metronet home phone service today for only $15 a month for 12 months. Offer expires 6/3/24.*

MetroNet Internet Deals

Whole-Home WiFi

Finally bring an end to spotty WiFi and deadzones with WholeHome WiFi. Let the Metronet technicians do their work and make your WiFi connection so good, you’ll never worry about it again!
MetroNet New Customer Deals

$15 A Month Phone Service

Now for a limited time only: Add Metronet phone service for only $15 a month for 12 months!* This offer expires 6/3/24*

MetroNet Deals

Internet Speeds Up To 5 Gigs

Get the speeds you need with internet speeds up to 5 gigs in select areas.
MetroNet Internet

Metronet Availability

Metronet delivers true 100% fiber to homes across the United States. To see if Metronet internet is available in your area, call us today!

Your Equipment Is Included

When you sign up for Metronet internet, your equipment is included! Get a free Eero WiFi router included in the cost of your plan. WholeHome WiFi service is also available.
MetroNet Internet
MetroNet Internet

Add Home Phone

Stay connected with friends and family with Metronet phone service. Enjoy crystal clear calls with unlimited local and long distance calls within US and canada. Now for a limited time only: you can add Metronet phone service for only $15 a month for a year when you get Metronet internet service too.

24/7 Local Customer Service

Metronet is proud to have 24/7 local customer service. Get the help you need when you need it from knowledable customer care associates who live and work in the communities Metronet serves. Not from half way around the world.
MetroNet Internet