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Metronet Fiber Internet

Fully Fiber Internet Starting At $29.95/mo!*

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Metronet’s 100% fiber internet is internet you and your family can count on. They deliver consistently fast internet speeds that allow you to work, stream and game with virtually no waiting. Call today for internet as low as $29.95 a month!*


Choose from plans with speeds from 100 mb to 2 gigs! All metronet internet plans are 100% fiber from Metronet to your home. Starting at only $29.95 a month.


Stay in touch with Metronet phone. Enjoy clear calls with unlimited local and long distance in the United States and Canada. Add phone for only $15 a month.

The Metronet 100% Fiber Experience

Metronet is commited to delivering the best possibly experience online. All Metronet services are 100% fiber from Metronet to your home. Experience faster, more consistent internet speeds, super bandwidth with virtually no waiting. Call now to experience better internet!

Add WholeHome WiFi

Frustrated by spotty WiFi and deadzones? Let Metronet take care of that! Their experienced technicians will determine exactly what you need and install it for you. Whether you’re streaming in your bedroom or gaming in the living room; every corner of your home will be covered by a strong and reliable WiFi signal. Add WholeHome Wi-Fi today!

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Switching to Metronet is easy! Simply call us today to get started. With fast speeds and your equipment included you can give Metronet a try with confidence. Call today to switch to Metronet internet!